By Jenni Wirtz | 14 July, 2021

As part of its commitment to offering a comprehensive and relevant range of products, First Line Ltd is continuing to invest in its Steering & Suspension portfolio and has now achieved a new milestone with its largest, most pertinent range in the aftermarket, with more than 9,100 references available.

The range is constantly under review and to recognise the need to meet ongoing demand, new product is regularly added. In the last two months alone, the aftermarket specialist has introduced 54 new-to-range Steering & Suspension references.

Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director, said: “We’re proud of our commitment to constantly develop and extend our core Steering and Suspension range. This milestone is a fantastic achievement and is thanks to our strong heritage and team of experts who are dedicated to bringing the very best parts to our aftermarket customers.”

When First Line introduced its Steering and Suspension programme back in 1992, the 1,000-reference portfolio led the way in providing a comprehensive offer for aftermarket professionals.

Since then, the range has continued to grow considerably, with the company committing significant investment to ensure factors and their workshop customers are able to identify and order the premium quality components, whether using either First Line or Borg & Beck Steering & Suspension brands.

When looking up the parts in the company’s online catalogue WebCat, product layout images have been added to aid accurate and efficient identification, by showing the positioning of the components in reference to the vehicle.

Another key benefit is that Technicians can rest assured that when they are installing the part, they will have the required nuts, bolts or accessories needed for a smooth and efficient installation, as Ball Joints, Link Bars and Suspension Arms, where applicable, come with the necessary fitting components as standard.

What’s more, all components are developed and tested to OE specifications and tolerances, put through comprehensive durability testing of up to 1,000,000 cycles, and where required, E-Coated (Cataphoresis) for maximum protection and longevity, which is why both First Line and Borg & Beck products are supplied with a 2-Year, 24,000-Mile warranty for total peace of mind.



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