By Jenni Wirtz | 3 April, 2020

Company Urging Customers To Use Platform During COVID-19

Prominent supplier of premium quality components, First Line Ltd, has emphasised the importance of its WebCat online portal for distributors during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Designed to be a global parts identification solution, WebCat links the company’s impressive portfolio of components to vehicle specific applications, whether that’s via the First Line catalogue ( or Borg & Beck (

Data Accuracy

The Product and Cataloguing team work constantly to guarantee that the vehicle data is maintained to the correct standards and all the necessary information required to accurately identify a product is held within the system. Data accuracy in terms of parts look-up is also enhanced, for loyal stockists, via use of VRM look-up as a key feature that enables the efficient and accurate first step of accurately identifying the vehicle.

Comprehensive Imaging & Layout Drawings

However, even though a vehicle has been identified, accurate identification for certain products can still be quite challenging, therefore to further aid the efficient search for many of its product groups, First Line has included technical layout drawings for turbo hoses, timing belt with water pump kits, engine mountings and brake cables, plus 360° imagery for water pumps, wheel bearings, engine mountings, rotating electrics, thermostats, and air and fuel fliters. These key features have been shown to reduce look-up time significantly.

Another feature that can aid the correct identification of steering & suspension components is the new positioning layout images, which lines up the images in the way that they are situated on the vehicle. This is a major improvement and means distributors can easily identify the correct components when receiving an enquiry.

Online Stock Check & Ordering

Once the correct parts have been identified, naturally the next step is to check the products availability. If our distributors don’t have the products on their own shelves, they can check our stock from within the catalogue, or if they are simply looking for a reference by known part number or competitor reference, then this can be done via our comprehensive database of cross references. This important feature will advise the current availability and price of the products, which once confirmed can then be added to a basket and ordered for next day delivery. Please note, key features are only available to stockists and require registration and approval for activation.

First Line’s cataloguing solution is therefore, an exceptional tool for its distributors and with an extensive product portfolio that contains in excess of 40,000 references, which are kept under constant review and consistently developed and extended, it’s no wonder why so many choose First Line as their first choice for vehicle parts, especially during the current Pandemic!



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